Bumps in the Road(s): The Jefferson/Broadway Conversion Question

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Am I prepared to offer my unequivocal support to the conversion? Not at this time. But I do support being thoughtful and thorough and taking a deeper look, up to and including considering options that may seem counter-intuitive.

A Mini-Post about Mini-Grants for Walkable Communities in Kentucky

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I was pleased to learn this morning of a funding opportunity, albeit small, through the Kentucky Department for Public Health. Ten Kentucky cities will receive $2,000. According to the press release:

We move more when we have inviting places to be active. But there are still neighborhoods where personal safety is an issue, communities without […]

Bikeable Walkable Progress

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Many forward thinking city leaders deserve credit for the trail progress thus far (and make no mistake, Greenway is an outstanding facility), including Mayor Kaler and City Commissioners Rhodes, Abraham, Wilson, and Gault, leadership past and present from the city planning office including Director Steve Ervin with excellent support from City Grants Administrator, Sheryl Chino, as well as Parks Director Mark Thompson and many others.

Paducah Power – Rate Protection Ordinance Part II: The Legalese

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This post follows on the first installment which should be read prior.

Here I include back-up information and the KRS Statutes on which my strategy regarding Paducah Power is based.

Some Legislative History (Exciting and Riveting Stuff)

If organization structure is or was part of the problem, (and to be very clear – I do believe it certainly was) […]

Bikeable Walkable Paducah – FAST Act Cash Goes Fast

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Beginning in 2016, the federal government implemented a new program which is entitled “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation” or the FAST Act for short. The FAST Act has set aside $835 million dollars per year over the next five years for the purpose of funding “a variety of smaller scale transportation projects such as pedestrian […]

Bike Camp

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Last week, I was pleased to meet with participants from the Bike World’s Bike Camp at the law office of Boehl Stopher and Graves. We discussed a future “bikeable walkable” Paducah along with some career planning thoughts.  Over the week, these future leaders rode over 75 miles visiting various places in Paducah, Kentucky.  Bike Camp was […]